Unmasking Occupation: Peaceful Civilian or Racist Colonizer?

Over the span of seventy years of Zionist colonization of Palestine, the lie of the peaceful Israeli civilian has been propagated. Israel, alongside its allies, has skillfully employed various channels such as media, academia, and international institutions to glorify and legitimize this occupation. The preceding decades mark a significant turning point in the concerted efforts to establish and normalize the presence of this entity. This normalization has been facilitated through strategic integration into the global capitalist market, effectively harnessed and manipulated by Zionists and colonizers.

The recent genocidal war on Gaza was only a continuation of the ethnic cleansing project, which is necessary to extend the Zionist entity’s control over the entire Palestinian territories. This event has cast a spotlight on the actions of the Zionist entity, challenging attempts to frame it within narratives of “human rights,” “the only democracy in the Middle East,” and “a promising state.” The stark realities on the ground expose a clear colonial contradiction, dismantling the notions of freedom and peace often associated with the Western scale.

The racist truth behind colonialism

The Zionist entity is the most egregious product of global imperialism. Despite all the whitewashing by the USA, European countries, and their complicit repressive regimes, this entity has produced a racist and bloodthirsty culture. This culture, in turn, has created a harrowingly evil settler society.

The Zionist settler communities spread across the Palestinian territory are a hotbed of hatred and racism. Within these settlements, there is a pervasive indoctrination and propagation of violence against the Palestinian population, accompanied by a demeaning attitude towards the Palestinian people.

This structure is pivotal in instilling the colonialist sentiments required for executing acts of ethnic cleansing against the indigenous population. The prevailing arrogance and sense of superiority are starkly evident in Zionist videos, where the Palestinian people are systematically depicted in derogatory and racist terms, with a callous mockery of their tragedies. Furthermore, there exists a disturbing entitlement among the settlers to perpetrate crimes against humanity, viewing it as an absolute right within their society.

This contradiction exposes the official Zionist narrative emanating from the largest colonial state and its biased media.

The myth of the Zionist civilian.

The lie of the “peaceful civilian Israeli” juxtaposed with the demonization of the Palestinian people as terrorists has unfortunately gained traction. Zionism, functioning as a colonialist ideology, is ingrained in settlers from an early age, fostering sentiments of hatred, racism, and a mission to eradicate the Palestinian identity while callously ridiculing their suffering.

The so-called “civilian Israeli” is ultimately unmasked as an armed colonizer, driven by the explicit objective of eliminating the Palestinian presence viewed as a threat to their own existence. This ruthless agenda is shamelessly revealed in the settlers’ expressions of mockery and celebration for the extermination of Palestinians. Additionally, it manifests in passages boasting about the possession of weapons and the indoctrination of children in their use, purportedly as a means of future self-defense.

Of course, this self-defense is itself a settler concept, which considers resistance to colonialism as terrorism, and instills this idea in individuals from childhood. They grow up with a sense of entitlement to someone else’s land and seek to expel and exterminate them for the sake of so-called peace.

This contradiction exposes the official Zionist narrative emanating from the largest colonial state and its biased media. Settler communities in Palestine are portrayed as innocent civilians, and the extermination of Gaza, along with over seven decades of massacres, is rationalized as a reaction to the perceived “terrorism” of the Palestinian people. This narrative overlooks the crucial reality that the Zionist entity is, in essence, a colonialist force occupying Palestinian territories.

Different peoples, same colonization

Many generations that fought wars of independence and national liberation were able to defeat the lies of colonialism, spread indigenous history, civilization, and culture, and confront the systematic erasure attempts that this regime made as a cover for its plunder.

Nonetheless, mental colonization remains pervasive, fueled by the dominance of this regime’s values and its globally influential cultural and media institutions. With each passing day, colonialism reaffirms its animosity not only towards the cultures of these peoples, as it purports, but towards their very existence. Their continued presence within their historical identity poses a direct challenge to the system, acting as the antithesis to its own existence. Moreover, this sustained existence jeopardizes the system’s aspirations for absolute sovereignty over the Palestinians’ resources and territories, leaving it with a sense of inadequacy and an inability to fully realize its project.

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