About Sharika Wa Laken

Sharika Wa Laken is a pioneering feminist digital news platform targeting women in all their diversities in the Arab world.

Together we share Stories, experiences, and knowledge, through a feminist intersectional lens.

Our Mission

  • Sharika Wa Laken campaigns and advocates for the different and urging feminist and gender causes in the country and regionally. We are present in all countries in the WANA region and doing grassroots reporting.
  • We propose new narratives and angles and create innovative ways of knowledge production.
  • We make feminist ideas accessible and produce solely innovative and exclusive feminist multimedia content, which interactively reaches every woman and girl, speaks their language, and sounds their needs and experiences.
  • We question given social orders, discuss gender regimes and laws and provide a new dynamic and safe space for supporting and engaging women and girls in all their diversities.
  • We ensure that our audience is equipped with appropriate feminist knowledge and resources that can facilitate overcoming society’s existing and imposed inequalities.
  • We generate feminist content and inspire towards advancing rights, protection, and gender equality.
  • We monitor gender-based violence trends and human rights violations, cover news, achievements and struggles of women and marginalized groups regionally and locally.

Our Values

Sharika Wa Laken is a Loud and Fierce feminist voice, a platform that:

  • Is respectful of its audience
  • Reports professionally, accurately, and ethically from a feminist intersectional lens
  • Ensures safeguarding the survivors and their sources
  • Is mindful of the personal and psychological safety of people at risk
  • Respects freedom of expression, right to privacy and confidentiality
  • Is critical and analytical in its coverages and production

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