Manifestations of the Physical and Psychological Slaughter of Women

First Manifestation

After more than 1400 years, we discover that the veil is an obligation, and its absence is a sin.


What this means is that millions of Egyptian women and girls who were not veiled, until the mid-seventies of the last century, were disobedient to God?


The logic of the hijab is that the “instinctively pious Muslim male” carries his lusts wherever he goes.


Desires, provoked by a lock of hair of a girl or a woman! The solution: leaving the undisciplined lustful men, and punishing women by covering them up!


Instead of renewing the religious and moral discourse towards transcendence over instincts, and we demand males to be disciplined, and to treat their “sexual and psychological diseases,” we cover women.


Even Dar al-Iftaa, which “legally authorized the repair of the hymen, to grant women chastity, repentance and concealment,” as it called it, says that the veil is imposed by the consensus of scholars and jurists.


And whoever denies it is like Dr. Saad al-Hilali, for example, necessarily contradicts what is known from religion.


What about the hijab made them agree, when they differ in the interpretation of the verses of the Qur’an, and the anecdotal or behavioral Sunnah?


And where is the consensus now on “slavery, slave girls, and servitude?”


Half a century of propaganda for the veil, with the absence of those with other opinions, who do not believe that it is an obligation, and is subject to traditions, the nature of the climate, and custom.


It is “political” propaganda launched by the “Muslim Brotherhood” in particular, and “Salafi Wahhabi Islam” in general.


The result, as Brotherhood leaders said upon their exit from political power on June 30, 2013:


“We are not defeated. It is enough for us that we veiled the girls and women of Egypt, and this is a historic achievement.”


Indeed, the rule of the intellect is the most important and dangerous type of rule and control. And change begins with women, because they are the criterion for the backwardness or progress of societies.


The Second Manifestation

It is noticeable that religion is only preoccupied with women and girls. From birth to death. From their hair to their toenails.


We do not see any preoccupation with the bloody jihad of ISIS and others, or with unemployment, poverty, environmental pollution, and the hardships of people with disabilities.


Neither with the elderly, violence against children, doctors’ errors, hospital neglect, organ trafficking, so-called “honor killings,” and discrimination in favor of males in laws.


They believe that women should submit sacred obedience to males, “God’s successors on earth.”


And their opinion is accused in advance of “disobedience, angering God, disturbing peace and the cohesion and warmth of the family.”


And even if she was minding her own business, she remains condemned, suspicious, and dubious!


And if she makes a mistake, even unintentionally, she will be subjected to the most severe types of punishment, ostracism, and what is called “defamation” and gloating.


Did males emerge from women’s wombs to be their guardians? And to make them taste the bitterness of living?


The Third Manifestation

The killing and slaughter of women is interpreted as “distancing from religion.”


While official religious institutions and their attachments, official and unofficial, overt and hidden, are only preoccupied with broadcasting religious sermons.


And we have a law of contempt of religion, which pursues those who open their mouths in matters of religion, especially with regard to women’s rights.


An exaggeration in religious manifestations that are literally fused with the details of our lives, the flourishing of Salafi fatwas, and “obedient, veiled, and niqabi” women, and then they say, “distancing from religion.”


I believe that the closeness to religion that they want and we lack, is the establishment of an Islamic caliphate, and the implementation of the limits of Islamic law.


And the permissibility of “slavery and female slaves, conquest, captivity, and the confinement of women in marriage beds and in kitchens. And excommunicating Christians, forcing them to pay the tribute, and spilling the blood of those who are different and non-religious.”


In addition to “substituting blood money and legal retribution, in place of legal penalties, and that the blood of a Muslim among them is not equal to the blood of an infidel, and that the blood of a male is not equal to that of a female.”


They mean the abolition of the civil state in all its details and manifestations, and the prohibition of singing, dancing, music, sculpture, and cinema.


All that explicitly declares that humans are not “ragings animals with lusts confined to the lower half of its body, and are aroused by a lock of a girl’s hair, or a part of a woman’s shoulder, and she must cover herself.”


The Fourth Manifestation

We now have the jurisprudence of the “qafah”, which warns women that if they want to be safe from slaughter, they must wear the “qafah”.


“jurisprudence” and “qafah” have similar letters in the Arabic language, among other things, and this is to be expected.


Women, since their birth, have been in male detention centers, the “tilted wall” and “the land of fake heroism for males obsessed with sex.”


They are a “peg” for suspending defeats, and “a feather in the wind.” They are the ones who “fell from the bottom of the cage.”

So, the “qafah” is not new to them.


I remember, at some point, a company advertised toilet seats that it manufactures, and it gave them women’s names. What a great insult.


However, it reflects the view rooted in minds and consciences, that women are a “trash bin” and now they have become a “waste bin” for them.


Hijab for women is not limited to simply wearing a headscarf.


Rather, it is an all-out war against the “heads” of women themselves, that is, their “minds” and not their hair.


Circumcision, segragation, unpaid work, defining the function and role of women in marriage, childbearing, and serving husbands and children, portraying them as “weak and lacking in mind and memory” and that they are “devils, the root of evil”.


Denying that they own their bodies and minds are all planned mechanisms to keep them in male detention centers, with hard labor for life, where there is no release, even if it is conditional.




And with poetry I always conclude


I want to feel


That the nationality of the country that I hold


Is more than just data and dates


Stamp here, stamp there


Strange signatures


As if from Mars


Vague words I don’t need


Just ink on paper


I want to find in my homeland


Someone who cultivates my desert


If the rain went away


He feeds me, he warms me, he gives me water, he heals me


He shouts, warning that my freedom is in danger


A homeland that is fluent in the art of swimming


As I am about to drown.


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